Making Liquid Soap

During my internship, I have been going with one of my coworkers to teach individuals how to make certain cleaning supplies like liquid soap and bleach. We go every once in a while! Or when she knows someone in the community is interested or free to have us come over.

This week, my coworker and I went out to one of her friend’s houses, and I got to learn how to make liquid soap!

The main part of making the soap is stirring the cleaning powder with water. You have to gradually add water every so often and stir it around. This helps the gel become more liquid-based.

Once you get it all stirred up, you can then add perfume to the soap to give it a nice scent. Then you can add dye to it to make it certain colors. We used green this time! After that, we poured it into smaller bottles.

We didn’t end up dying all of the product that we made. We left the rest of it for the man to do the next day after letting it sit overnight.

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