You Jump, I Jump

There I was. All the kids around me singing songs and worshiping the Lord. It was like I wasn’t even in New York anymore, like I was in a place where time and place didn’t matter. I was right where I wanted to be. If you had asked me five years ago to go to […]

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God’s Beautiful Creation

The first book of the Bible is Genesis. It is the book that started the entire world, but it is a book that sometimes gets underrated. When we think about the creation of the Earth, we think “okay, God did this on this day, then this the next day, and so on and then the […]

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A Message From My Heart

I remember when I was a little kid that summer was the best time of the year. School was out. Everything was exciting and new. You got to hangout with all your friends, all the time and do fun things. It was the best time to be a kid. Freshman year was an amazing start […]

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The Truth About Body Image

Summer is here. You know what that means? It’s swimsuit season (aka go to the gym every day season). I have always enjoyed swimming, but as I grew up, I began feeling so insecure about my body, especially during the summer. It really wasn’t my body that made me not enjoy swimming, anymore, but the […]

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Filth Is Overwhelming Me

Filth. Have you ever woke up and just felt like you were covered in filth? You just feel gross and like you’re going to be sick? I always hated the word filth because it was always just a gross word. But it feels even worse living in it. Filth has been overwhelming me lately. It’s […]

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