Ghana Week Six

This week has been very interesting!

Tuesday, I went and got some labs done because I felt sick Monday evening. Thankfully, my malaria test and my typhoid test came back negative. However, we thought it might be smart to get COVID-19 tested just to make sure that was not the case either.

Wednesday, I went to get COVID-19 tested in Accra. The lab that I went to was very organized and I was able to get tested very quickly. While in East Legion, I visited the Vida e Caffé. I got a turkey club sandwich and a strawberry smoothie! Super good!

I spent Thursday and Friday resting.

Saturday, we visited Osu again. For lunch, we stopped at the Sunshine Café again. I got the Café de Paris (ham and cheese sandwich with fries) and an Orange Sunrise (pineapple, orange, apple, and mango juice). So so good.

After lunch, we went to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Mausoleum. This place is in memory of the first president of Ghana. Big Al got to finally come explore with me today too (haha).

After the park, we went to the Artists Alliance Gallery. It was a three story building that had all kinds of art created in Ghana. There were many sculptures, paintings, fabrics, clothes, jewelry, and household items that you could purchase. My favorite painting was one with an elephant on it. It was super colorful and very detailed. We also were able to see the ocean from the art place and feel the wonderful beachy breeze. After the art gallery, we went to a coffee shop and visited the Global Mamas store.

We had a little adventure getting home though. Our driver decided that he couldn’t take us all the way to our house. So, he dropped us off near the interstate, and we tried to find another ride. Thankfully, this other driver came and picked us up. On the way to the house though, the gate was closed on our main road that we normally take because it was dark by then. We asked a guy nearby for directions, and he helped us find a different way to go. We finally made it back, safe and sound.

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