Ghana Week Eleven

This week, I wore my new skirt!! My coworkers and I took some pictures together since it might be the last day that we were all together. I also tried Fufu that day!

On Friday, Mimi and I visited Lake Volta. It is about an hour away from my neighborhood. We went on a boat ride which was super pretty! Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Royal Senchi, which is SUPER NICE. The scenery is so beautiful and there were peacocks!! Haha, I thought that was the coolest thing.

Saturday, Bailey and I went to East Legon and got our nails done. We visited this place called Amari, which was very nice! My toes really needed some help lol. For dinner, we decided to cook our host family and American meal: baked chicken and of course, mac and cheese! It was such a sweet time visiting with them again!

Sunday: I went to church with Louisa. It was Palm Sunday, so they gave us palm leaves for the service. Afterwards, we took some pictures and said our goodbyes!

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