Boti Falls, Umbrella Rock, and Aburi Gardens

This past Monday, I visited the Eastern Region of Ghana with one of my coworkers. We left Tema around 8:30m am and drove two hours to Boti Falls. The drive through the Eastern Region is so beautiful, full of mountains and greenery!

Once we arrived to Boti Falls, we decided to go on a hike to the Umbrella Rock which is nearby. The tour guide told us that the hike was going to be about 45 minutes long and not too intense.

Haha! Well, the hike was about an hour and a half to the rock and the same back. It is also very steep, lots of going up and down rocks. It literally was close to rock climbing to be honest lol.

I also learned that Ghanaians hike very much like they drive. We were with maybe 35 other Ghanaians, and everyone is in a rush, trying to pass you, trying to take pictures of everything, and just constantly moving. Not a lot of personal space either, but it is all part of the experience haha!

Once we finally made it to the rock, it was totally worth the hike. I was super sweaty and super thirsty. Thankfully, there were sellers who had water bottles and coconuts for us. After taking a little break, we walked to the “three-headed palm tree” nearby. After stopping there, we hiked back to the entrance of the falls. (Really thankful I wore tennis shoes!)

When we arrived back at the entrance, we walked down 250 steps to see the falls. It was so pretty and very peaceful. A lot of the people who were with us on the hike had stayed up at the rock longer, so it was just a few of us down there. We took some pictures and headed back to the car.

We left Boti Falls around 3:30 pm and started heading to Aburi Gardens. We got to the gardens around 5 pm. Thankfully, the sun was still out, so we were able to walk around and get some pretty pictures of the trees and plants. Around 6 pm, we ate some fried rice and headed home. I was so hungry! My four eggs for breakfast were long gone!

I got back home around 8:30 pm and was super tired. Throughout the week, my legs and my shoulders were still sore, but totally worth the views and the memories that were made! Loved getting to see more of God’s creation and very thankful for the strength He gives me to keep going every day.

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