Boston: July 2022

Recently, I got the opportunity to visit Boston for the first time with my local church in Birmingham, AL. This was the first mission trip to go on with my new church since moving to Birmingham. We spent our time serving with a kids camp, volunteering at the local YMCA, and painting a sober home. We had a couple of days to sightsee, which we spent exploring the Freedom Trail, eating at the Quincy Market, walking around the Boston Commons, and visiting Harvard University.

Our team spent a lot of our time painting at a sober home. It was quite a large home, and each room needed to be repainted. It was incredible to see how much our team accomplished within three days of working at this home. Sometimes, the progress was difficult to see due to the overwhelming amount of rooms and messiness of painting. However, when we were able to clean the house up at the end and take away all the paint and supplies, it was amazing to see the end result of our progress. Not only did we have the opportunity to grow and build relationships with each other, but we also were able to plant seeds for others to come in and sow those seeds to build a community of their own.

While on the trip, we stayed at a University with many other churches within the southeast region of the United States. It was so encouraging to meet others from around the states who are passionate and intentional about doing work for the kingdom of God and discipling one another within their own church communities.

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