As Hannah Montana Says “Nobody’s Perfect”

While I was sitting on my bed, I opened up my little devotional book/coloring book (shoutout to Jordan Lee) cause I thought “you know I need to just chill right now”. I started coloring with my fancy little pencils and I wasn’t staying in the lines too well. I thought “it doesn’t matter, no one except me is going to see this”.

Honestly, if I wanted to I could make the ocean purple, the sky orange, and the grass yellow. But I kept on coloring, and then my friend asked to see a picture of it when I got done.

Well then your homegirl felt pressured. When I almost got done with it, I looked at it and thought “dude this looks pretty bad”. Being the perfectionist that I am, I tried to make it look better. I tried to cover up my mistakes and fix most of it, so that when I sent it to my friend, it looked pretty good. I finally finished it and she thought it looked awesome.

However, my friend didn’t know that I had spent a good 10 minutes trying to fix the mess that I had created to make it look good. She didn’t know that I was insecure about it before I sent her the picture. All she probably thought was “oh Claire colored that in 15 minutes and it looks so good!”

She had no clue what was happening to me on the inside.

That’s the thing with us humans. We see a picture of this girl/guy who looks like they are living their best life. However, we have no clue what may be going on inside of them. That person may be struggling with the same thing as you or maybe something even harder to deal with.

I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos lately of these girls that look like they would have their life together. They have the cutest clothes, fancy jewelry, sweet boyfriends, etc. but they get real on their videos and say how much they are hurting with anxiety, depression, comparison, grief, and so on.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody has the perfect life. Yes so people may have things that look so much better to us and make us feel like our life is nothing compared to their’s but I bet you, they are struggling with things that you might not even know about.

So I want to encourage you that whenever you get jealous of that boy/girl that looks like they have it all together, remember that nobody’s life is perfect. We are all humans and we all bleed the same.

Love always,


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