A Summer To Remember

Brownsville, Brooklyn. It’s not like your normal neighborhood. It’s also not the safest neighborhood, but after spending three weeks there, I really got to know some of the best kids I have ever met!

I worked with a church called Graffiti 3, and they were having a summer program (VBS camp) for the whole month. My job at the program was to teach the missions rotation, so every week we would talk about difference missionaries and what they did. This was really neat because some of these kids didn’t know what missionaries were or why the world needs them. It was so neat to see God open their eyes and minds in this subject, and it was even cooler for me cause I got to watch it happen every day.

My summer in Brownsville was definitely eye-opening. It is a town where a lot of things happen behind the closed-doors. Most of the kids live in broken families. Many of them didn’t normally have Godly conversations with their families or friends. I think that was the main reason why they loved coming to the summer program so much. They weren’t use to hearing the same story about the Lord’s supper over and over again. They normally didn’t get that chance, so when the gospel was mentioned to them, they loved it. It was something new and interesting to them. The gospel brought them so much joy everyday. They loved singing songs and being God’s children.

However, during my time in New York, I didn’t just get to met kids. I got to meet women who had a lot of pain in their families, men that didn’t feel worthy to be called a Christian, teenagers that wanted to serve God daily, but struggled with consistency, and so many more people. God placed me in a new place to show me that I could be used anywhere for His glory. He placed me there to help love on these kids and families that normally didn’t get a lot of love.

I learned so much in the three little weeks that I was there. I learned that God can use anyone for His glory, even when we don’t feel worthy or good enough. I learned that not that many people get to hear about God on a daily basis, so your conversation with them makes a difference. Most importantly, I learned that life is like a tree not a ladder. It has many branches and it is not just straight and narrow. God is going to let that tree keep growing. You just have to keep on climbing it where He leads.

I hope you have had a wonderful summer, and I pray that whatever season of life you are in right now, you will remember that you are so loved by the Lord.

Love always,



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