Finding Time for the Lord

Life is pretty busy. We are all trying to go somewhere and get to the next place and then so on and so on. Its like a crazy rollercoaster that is just currently on repeat for some of us. Can we ever get a break?

I went to a Bible worship for college students the other night, and the man preaching really caught my intention. He said “When I was your age, I wish that I had spent more of my time diving into the word of the Lord”. After he said that, this lightbulb above my head just lit up. Recently, I have felt very disconnected from the Lord. I thought that I was doing everything right and going to bible studies and worship events every week, but I still felt like I was in this period of silence. However, I think I finally figured out what my problem was. I wasn’t making time to study God’s word. I always say “Oh, I’ll look at that passage later” or “I’ll do my devotional later tonight”, but in the end, I never do.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will still get the same answer. But, if you start doing it differently, you will get a different response.

If you’re a planner, like me, you like to write almost everything down, or you’ll forget to do it. I think one problem that I have noticed in my own life is that I plan everything but my “Jesus” time. I just do it whenever I have free time, but then I don’t really get much out of it. I’m not really focused on it. That being said, if you are struggling trying to find time and consistency with the Lord, I found some helpful tips that I wanted to share that might work for you. (BTW: The Internet is pretty awesome!)

Tip #1: Plan it! Find a time period each day that you can spend some quiet time with the Lord. Write it down in your planner. Make a note. Set a reminder. Do whatever it is that you need to do in order to get this done.

Tip #2: Get Comfortable! Find a place that you can go to so that you can get into the right mindset that you need to be in for your quiet time. This could be different for everyone. Maybe you prefer to be alone in your room with silence or with music playing. Or maybe, at a coffee shop with headphones in. Test different places out and see what works for you.

Tip #3: Find a good place to start! Personally, I always had a hard time figuring out where do I start studying in the Bible. Should I start at the beginning or pick a random part in the Bible and start there? The best thing that I have learned so far about this decision is to pick a book that contains topics interesting to you and focus on it. For example, you might want to learn about different topics such as the foundation of Christ and the lifestyle for Christians that is in Romans. Or you would rather learn about different stories the old testament and find the meanings through them. Try to google what books are about what and go from there. Start small and take it one day at a time.

Tip #4: Be Prepared! Use the materials that you are going to need for your quiet time. Maybe you like to use a hard copy of the Bible instead of using it on your phone. Get highlighters and highlight the verses or words that really speak to you. Write down in a journal about what you are reading and how it speaks to your life.

Tip #5: Talk to God! Remember, this is your time to pour out to God. He wants to hear it all. Everything you are thinking and all that is going through your head. Ask Him to let you have the mindset to approach Him and be comfortable. Pray about it all. Write down your prayers if you need to.

These are all the tips that I have used so far, and they have really helped me to get my quiet time done and make it consistent. Just take it one day at a time, and I promise, God will make sure you get something amazing out of it. I will put some links below that could also be helpful to you if you want more tips for this. I hope you find the time for God, and His fire continues to burn in you. I pray that whatever you are struggling with that God will help you through it.

Love always,


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